• Industrial Touch Monitor
    Industrial Touch Monitor

    Advantech Industrial Touch Monitors (ITM) provides rugged, stand-alone industrial monitors with IP54 front panel protection. The simple, yet elegant flat panel design is designed for easy cleaning especially in harsh environments. In addition, this Industrial Touch Monitors (ITM) series features standard and integrated …


  • Multi-Functional Panel PCs
    Multi-Functional Panel PCs

    Advantech Multi-Functional Panel PCs are Intel core i Panel PCs. Equipped with high performance processor and slim chassis, this Touch Panel Computer can be installed in virtually any application. In addition, these Multi-Functional touch Panel computers with a user-friendly human machine interface make it a great host for …


  • Fanless Wide Screen Panel PCs
    Fanless Wide Screen Panel PCs

    Advantech’s Fanless Widescreen Panel PCs features a widescreen with a ratio of 16:9, providing 40% more screen area than 4:3 displays. This excellent design supports multi-touch, to allow a more intuitive operation and enhance flexibility for software designers and better safety control.


  • Fanless Panel PCs
    Fanless Panel PCs

    Advantech’s fanless panel PCs is designed to be noise free and have low power consumption, In addition, this fanless panel PCs can be used in any system that needs a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for information input, display monitoring or previews.


  • Installation Accessories
    Installation Accessories

    Advantech installation accessories provides multiple mounting options, including swing arm, wall mount, and panel mount. These installation accessories enable Panel PCs be installed in all kinds of working environments and applications.


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